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Fantasy over Family

Fantasy Football 4 Evr

Fantasy Football 4 Evr is the home of all things Fantasy Football.  Providing weekly rankings for each position for use in your Fantasy Leagues.  Our Twitter page is @Fantasy4evr which is also featured on our homepage.  Our twitter provides links to this site and everything that us Fantasy Footballers think about during Fantasy season.

It’s pretty simple:  Nothing else matters except fantasy Football form now until the end of December.  Sorry wives and girlfriends (and husbands and boyfriends for the lady fantasy freaks) but this is our time to shine and rise to the top.  The next 3 months are a grind.  Every day, a new trade comes to mind, a new player arises on our radar, and we overthink our lineups until we can’t sleep.  And that’s fine.

So if you find yourself in a pickle about who to play, who to pickup, or just want to have a good laugh relating to Fantasy Football, this site can be your home for the next 3 months.

Remember the motto: Fantasy over Family