So how’s your team looking after Week 2?  Ready to jump ship and focus on one of your other 4 teams?  Yea, me too.  But, that’s just the way fantasy goes and there’s nothing you can do about it…except trade of course!

Time to get down to business and pull out your inner-salesman.   Who to trade?  Who to go after?  Don’t you wish you could see the future around Week 12?  Well you can’t, but something has to be done because 0-3 looks awful.  This article will cover guys that you might be ready to punch in the face if you saw them because they are killing you in fantasy.   It will also cover the players that are banged up.

Who I’m Letting Go Of

Mark Ingram – NOR, RB

Ingram has been disappointing through the first 2 games: 21 carries for 88 yards and 6 catches for 46 yards and no TD’s.  The Saints offense looks like it’s going to be a very pass-heavy offense this year because of how bad their defense is, so Ingram’s upside may be limited here.  Try to move him.

 Jeremy Langford – CHI, RB

Langford has not been terrible through 2 games: he has TD in each game.  The Bears offense though is just in disarray.  Now with Jay Cutler out, teams are really going to load the box up and make Brian Hoyer beat them.  Alshon Jeffrey may take some of the heat off of Langford, but I don’t think you’re going to get too much out of this pre-draft hopeful.

Jeremy Hill – CIN, RB

First off, you shouldn’t have expected too much from Hill in the first place, but 20 carries for 53 yards and 1 TD along with Gio Bernard continuing to show promise in the passing game is really hurting Hill’s value.  You need to hope for goal-line TD’s to make his day worthwhile.  Honestly, it’s going to be tough to trade him, but target a team in your league that has no RB’s at all and try to steal a WR.  there’s always 1 or 2 of those guys in your league.

Demaryius Thomas – DEN, WR

The days of dominant Demaryius may be in the past until the Broncos get a QB that can sling it.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s an unreal talent.  But Trevor Siemian just can’t throw the ball and the Broncos are a run-heavy team that relies on their defense.  Thomas may still put up good numbers, but you can sell him for a good RB if you need help in that realm.

Alshon Jeffery – CHI, WR

Honestly, Jeffery is doing well so far, but no TD’s is a bit concerning.  Now his QB, Jay Cutler, is out for who knows how long, and Brian Hoyer takes over.  Hoyer has proven he can find a top receiver in the past (DeAndre Hopkins with Houston), but that O-Line looks horrendous. Plus, the injury bug always looms over Jeffery.  It just might be a risk holding on to him.  His value is pretty high right now; try and see what you can get for him.

Who I’m Hanging On To

Devonta Freeman – ATL, RB

This is who most of us want to hear about.  Freeman certainly does not look like he is going to put up the numbers he put up last season, but he is still a great talent and can produce.  Tevin Coleman has become Freeman’s worst enemy (from a fantasy perspective), but Coleman gets the injury bug as well.  I would never wish an injury on a player, but if Coleman gets banged up, it opens the door for Freeman just like last year and you saw what he did.  I’m keeping him for now.

Todd Gurley – LA, RB

Here is another guy we may want to punch repeatedly.  But Gurley has incredible upside because of the sheer volume of touches he is going to get.  36 carries through 2 games is positive; 98 yards and no TD’s isn’t so fun.  Be patient with him though.  Yes, teams are loading up the box on him and forcing Case Keenum to beat them, which I can’t argue with, but Gurley will break out.  And when he does, everyone is going to want him.  You can get a lot value with a player that gets off to a slow start and turns it on out of nowhere.

LeSean McCoy – BUF, RB

McCoy has somewhat struggled through 2 weeks, but I see things on the up-and-up.  The Bills fired their OC Greg Roman after week 2 and that usually means the new OC will utilize the team’s best players.  In this case, that’s McCoy.  Before you try to dump him off to someone, see how he is used in the offense.  Sometimes, a shake in the gameplan wakes a player up.

Dez Bryant – DAL, WR

Dez is actaully a pretty inconsistent fantasy player.  One week it’s 8 catches for 140 yards and a TD, and the next it’s 2 catches for 17 yards.  So far, that’s exactly what we have seen, but keep the faith here.  Dak Prescott is a rookie, and rookies throw to the best player on the field.  We saw it in preseason and this past week in Washington, which led to a win.  Dez will get the ball.

Injured Players

As for the injury-plagued guys, there’s really nothing you can do. No one is going to want Doug Martin who has a hammy problem, or Adrian Peterson who has a torn meniscus.  Jonathan Stewart is another one.  We knew it was coming.  And if you took a shot on Arian Foster, good try, but that groin isn’t going to all of a sudden be healed back to 100%.  Hang on these guys and pick up their backups off the waiver wire if you don’t have them already.

Trade Tuesday will be back next Tuesday with a new slew of players to let go of, or keep.  For now, I wish you well this week and always wishing you to avoid the 0-3 start.

Fantasy over Family.